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Work place: ME Campus.

Salary/month: 28m - 40m VND


  • Present at least 10 minutes before working hour to prepare materials needed for the class.

  • Planning and implementing a pre-school curriculum.

  • Providing safe, high quality education and care for children.

  • English Class Teacher at ME School Campuses.


  • Bachelor Degree.

  • Teaching certificate (TESOL, TEFL, CELTA).

  • Female teacher with experience and knowledge in teaching kids.

  • Happy and reliable.


      Monday - Friday


  • Discount 50% tuition fee for child’s education at ME School.

  • Work Permit support: following six months of employment, school will support you with 50 percent of the cost of the work permit.

  • National Holidays paid in full (New Year Day, 30th April and 1st May, King Hung’s Holiday, Vietnam Independence Day, 5 days of Tet Holidays).

  • One day per month (12 days per year) of paid holiday days after 2 months of trial period.

  • 2 weeks of Summer and 1 week of Christmas off with paid after 1 year working. In which, employee is entitled to 100% salary of the first week of Summer and 50% salary of the second week of Summer and Christmas.

  • At ME School we strive to maintain a positive and uplifting working environment and by extending you this offer we have a full confidence that you will be a good fit to our organization. We believe that with your continuing growing knowledge and experience, positive relationship with parents and foremost understanding of the needs of young children you will prove a valuable asset to our school.


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